Our Story

Our story

Cargo is a cafe dedicated to bring you flavours from every region of the world. We selected our products carefully from South American, African and South Asian to bring a whole new experience of coffee and chocolate. Being an expert in coffee, chocolate and nuts, Cargo is well known in recognizing good quality products.
At Cargo, we strive to bring you the best of what the world has to offer. With natural ingredients, we bring back the finest products for you to enjoy, Whether it’s coffee, chocolates or nuts. Everything at our shop is special because we believe in having the best of all three.

Our Vision

The vision of Cargo is to be the main coffee supplier in Kuwait. Through our dedication and innovative ways to reintroduce our products to our customers. Cargo’s vision is to maintain the quality of everything we produce and import for generations of business to come.

Our mission

Cargo’s mission is to always be consistent in the quality of products we use. From the imported coffee to the nuts, chocolates honey and more, we will always honour the journey our products, as well as our customers, have taken to reach us.