Cargo experience

Cargo café takes you on a special journey. The smell of freshly grained coffee, colours of chocolate and dried fruits & nuts will you keep coming back to Cargo Café.
Cargo brings a unique experience that satisfies all your senses, as well as Kuwaiti cultural.
Every individual who walks into the store will have the first-hand experience with their cup of coffee, they will see how their drinks are made from start to finish.

Cargo ensures that all products (coffee, chocolates, nuts, honey) sold in the cafe have been checked for the highest quality.
We at Cargo are proud to supply many coffee shops in Kuwait with our imported coffee beans.

Our specialty

We are consistent in the quality of the products we use. From the imported coffee to the nuts, chocolates honey and more, we will always honour the journey our products as well as our customers.
Here are some of our special products we are proud of.